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Contemporary and artistic landmarks are popping up all over the region from amazing sculptures to fantastic bridges. But what do our locals recommend when visiting these lofty attractions? Check out our reviews...


Check out the reviews below for a local's guide to our famous cultural landmarks, including the Angel Of The North and The Gateshead Millennium Bridge.

Our Geordie Angel (The Angel Of The North)  

Bev Butler, August 2002

Angel of the NorthIt's been a major attraction since 1998 and is still very much a contemporary landmark. Many Britons name it one of their favourite UK wonders according to a poll in The Times and the sculpture attracts more than 150 000 people a year.


When you see the sculpture up close, you really will be amazed at its sheer size and magnitude. With wings the size of a Jumbo Jet, and a height soaring 25 metres, this angel is certainly mammoth! It sees over 90 000 people every day or 33 million a year and that makes it one of the most viewed pieces of art in the world.  Our Angel was designed by Anthony Gormley and is located on a former colliery pit, and according to Gormley, it celebrates 'in the light', the work of men who once worked beneath the 'dark surface'.

The statue conveys the feeling of awareness and alertness and the arms are associated with the warmth and strength of the regions' people.  The angel embraces the area, welcoming visitors to the North East.

Visitor Must Dos


* Pull up in your car and visit this amazing landmark, after all it's free, yes that's right it costs nothing to actually visit!

* We believe our Angel of the North is well worth a visit so make sure you take lots of pictures.

* Chill out in awe at this stunning site, and take in the magnitude of this landmark while overlooking Newcastle and Gateshead.

* Enjoy the moment with a Northumbrian Ice cream, or alternatively, a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale.


Blinkin' Great! Our Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Bev Butler, August 2002

Millennium BridgePerhaps you've seen it on stamps or have heard that the queen officially opened it. Whatever you know about the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, be sure to come to Gateshead and  see the birthplace of the Gateshead Quays for yourself! It signifies the marking point of the arts and culture to follow in the bid for European Capital of Culture 2008.  The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is a must-do visit because it's an amazing sight and it's free.

There are many bridges around the world that inspire millions to visit because of their iconic and cultural significance - and the Millennium Bridge should certainly put Newcastle on the map.  The area has always long been famous for its association with great bridges - after all we all know what a great job they did duplicating our bridge down under in Sydney!

Enough of cultural comparisons, and more on this awesome new bridge!  Not only does it add to the timeless classics, but now we have a grand total of seven bridges across the River Tyne.  So what makes it different from all the rest?  The new Gateshead Millennium Bridge is so special that it winks; yes that's right, and if you watch it wink it is indeed quite a site!  The bridge's movement resembles the opening and closing of a giant eyelid and this is why you must go and see it... rest assured, you won't be disappointed and you will understand why the locals call it 'the eye'!

Visitor Must Dos

* Watch it wink.

* Stroll or cycle across the curving bridge.

* See it in the day, all white and bright or at night with its multicoloured light show on the major arch, which reflects into the river.

* Or if you fancy taking the whole thing in from a rooftop view, head across to the Baltic and enjoy a meal overlooking the bridge.


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